Virtual Reality Used For Training in the Construction Industry

Hundreds die in Britain and the USA each year from construction industry related deaths. Great heights and falling rubble are just some of the daily threats to a construction worker’s life.  The tricky part is how to implement training in the construction industry without the risk of injury, but safety scientists at the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) have found the answer to this problem in the form of a virtual reality training scheme. Virtual reality is already used for training in the form of flight simulators, so using virtual reality for training in other sectors is the next logical step. John Powers, an engineer at NIOSH says that thousands of constructions workers are injured each year from falls, and yet no-one has been able to figure out why this is so, even in the face of stringent safety regulations. Powers and his engineering team tried to solve the problem  with a cleverly designed virtual reality construction site that gives those undergoing training in the construction industry the impression that they are walking along planks at the top of scaffolding. Movement in the virtual environment is measured, as is the physiology and stress levels of the participant to determine if these contribute to mishaps.Powers and his team made some enlightening discoveries with the virtual reality system: most workers fall as a result of a sudden loss of balance.  They also discovered that two factors could contribute to maintaining balance: footwear and the use of a focal point. Footwear can be engineered to minimise the risk of a construction worker slipping and losing his or her balance. If  workers are struggling to regain control of their balance, directing their focus to an unmoving focal point at some distance, such as a pole, could help orientate them in the environment and regain their footing.Powers hopes to make valid recommendations with the research findings to those involved in the industry. Training in the construction industry is ideally done by offering courses in a safe, controlled environment, which is why a virtual reality centre would work so well.  It would provide all the necessary experience while highlighting the need for protective clothing and implementing the appropriate precautions.

Playing Games? Let’s Make it More Easy and Enjoyable!

Almost everyone in this planet love to play Games. With the introduction of cutting edge technologies and real life graphics in many gaming consoles like Xbox and PlayStation, gaming is really addictive today. The PC and other console games become more and more interesting as we progress through the stages. However, when we reach the final stages of any game, we will be struck with a very powerful enemy who is hard to be defeated. Eventually we’ll loose all the fun in that game. This has been a big issue for the gamers out there who inevitably become frustrated as they couldn’t complete the game. Things are a lot different these days. With cheat codes, hints and tips for games, gaming can be more enjoyable than ever before.Gaming Cheat Codes for an easy Game PlayThere are cheat codes for almost all the popular PC games and games of other gaming consoles. These Cheat codes make the game play much easier and you will be able to play the game title till the end, defeating all the enemies. Some gamers have a misconception that the cheat codes will destroy the thrill of the game. The fact is that, the cheat codes actually make the game more enjoyable. For example, if you are playing the PC game, ‘NFS most wanted-black edition’, you can easily defeat the racers in the Blacklist upto number 4. After that the game play becomes more difficult. Moreover, you will not be able to experience the thrill in the final police chase as you will be struck up in the 4th or 3rd stage. The cheat codes come in handy here. Using the cheat codes will help you to make the finishing stages of the game easier.Game Tips and Hints for Action gamesThe action games and spy games (say) ‘Splinter Cell’ and ‘Quantum of Solace’ are very thrilling. However, these action games require the gamers to discover some areas to continue the game. For example, if you are playing Splinter Cell- the popular action game, you will have to remain hidden and sneak past the security cameras and enemies without getting noticed. Here, in certain levels of the game, you will be exposed to the enemies, no matter how well you play the game or whatever cheat code you use. Trying to progress in the game many times will frustrate you. Hence you will be struck unable to progress to the next levels of the game. There are many Game tips and hints to tackle this scenario. These game tips and hints will be of great use when we play action games. These Game tips will help us to finish every levels of the game with ease.Finding Cheat codes and game tips is very easy and it’s freeCheat codes and Game tips are scattered everywhere in the Internet. However, it is tiresome and neck breaking to search for the cheat codes of particular games all over the Internet. To a great sigh of relief there are some cool websites like who display cheat codes, game tips and hints for all games, all in one place. They will be categorized based on the type of gaming consoles. The alphabetical listing of cheat codes helps you to find the one that you are looking for with a few mouse clicks. With all these cheat codes and hints available for free; gaming will be more fun and enjoyable.

Still Using Spreadsheets for Managing Risks? – Switch to Risk Management Software

Managing risk is essential in every organization to accomplish its key objectives effectively. Risk management not only requires a reliable process to capture risks, but also needs a mechanism to document and administer the organization’s response.An appropriate risk management tool always helps the risk managers to identify, assess, and prioritize the risks which can be prevented. Here, we will discuss about spreadsheets – commonly used risk management tools and their true costs. We will also know about the best tool to replace spreadsheets for effective risk management.Spreadsheets are commonly used management tools because they are
• Convenient to use: Many people believe that spreadsheets are convenient to collect, code, sort and analyze data. Yes, they are better than paper based management systems, but they are risky.• Flexible to enter data: With some basic encoding, spreadsheets offer flexible arrangements of rows and columns to enter data. They allow the user to configure and enter information in a way that suits his unique needs. But risk management involves analysis of various factors and a spreadsheet may not be helpful.• Low cost or free option: Spreadsheets are either available as freeware or at low-cost. That is why organizations use them extensively. But they fail to understand the fact that the true cost of a tool should be defined by the operational costs that affect the business on long-run; not by the initial cost of the tool.Are they really beneficial?
Many business owners and risk managers today are using spreadsheets as risk management tools unaware of the risks involved (however some are aware). Here are the risks involved:• Inability to process huge amounts of data: Although spreadsheets are a good solution for small volumes of data, the processing and calculation will become complicated with the continual growth.• Time consuming: Risk management requires collecting great deal of information, which often results in huge number of spreadsheets interlinked to each other. A little change to the data structure becomes a great task. This makes risk managers spend countless hours validating data, double checking formulas, and updating values, which is as a time-consuming process.• Complex to find mistakes: It is quite difficult to find mistakes in a spreadsheet with lot of data. It is often time consuming process to find where exactly the mistakes have occurred.• Limits the depth of risk analysis: With each change made to a spreadsheet, links between the information are lost making it difficult to analyze relationships over time. Without these links, it becomes tough to link risks and their controls. Also they offer limited access to past and current data making it difficult to compare data overtime.• Intensive labor: The process of risk management involves continuous updating of data and it increases day by day. Updating data and using spreadsheets effectively requires lot of time and effort. So intensive labor with good knowledge of using the shortcuts and formulas is compulsory.• Lacks security: A user can accidentally or intentionally delete vast amounts of critical information. Spreadsheets are highly vulnerable to virus attacks, hard disk crashes, and other unexpected disasters.Underlying costs of using spreadsheets
In general, people think that spreadsheets are free, but they never calculate the underlying costs that can impact the business. Following are the true costs of using them.• Labor costs: As discussed earlier, it takes lot of effort to create, maintain, organize, and report using spreadsheets. However, the fact that these things require labor, which in turn results in huge costs to the company, is often ignored.• Opportunity costs: Spreadsheets consume lot of your time and effort, which you can productively use for adding value to the organization. Many business owners, in fact, lose many opportunities hanging around with spreadsheets.• Risk and non-compliance costs: Spreadsheets lack in company wide visibility, accountability, security and control which results in increased costs in terms of failed audits, unforeseen events, increased insurance costs and so on.• Scalability costs: A small company can manage and use one spreadsheet to track all records. But as the business grows, the effort of maintaining and consolidating these records increases exponentially. At one point this process fails and negatively impacts the business.• Human error costs: Spreadsheets are vulnerable to manipulation, which can dramatically impact the company. Moreover, with the increasing chances of human errors, it is difficult to consider that the data is valid and reliable. These human errors can cost a lot to the company.Effective tool to replace spreadsheet – Risk Management Software
After seeing all the risks and costs involved with spreadsheets, one would certainly ask for a better tool to manage risks and here is the solution – the Risk Management Software. It can effectively replace spreadsheets in the risk management process. Following are the benefits of using risk management software.• Effective control over GRC processes: Risk management software helps in the effective control over the GRC (governance, risk management, and compliance) processes with proper documentation and work flow. They also help managers in risk assessment and analysis, visualization and reporting.• Data security: User can limit the availability of data by creating passwords. He can also give full access to all the data to a particular group of people within the organization. This feature eliminates the risk of manipulation of data.• Real time recording: Recording and updating information regarding risks is easy using this software. You need not spend hours to update the data.• Reliable audits: This software offers full protection to all the data in the system with fully automated backups. This allows auditors to extract robust and reliable audit trails without unnecessary effort and thus it helps them in identification of risks, and creation of risk management strategies.• Automated risk reporting: It provides the user with clear information on their objectives and risks associated. It also informs about the required actions and scheduled dates to implement them to prevent risks.• Clear and consistent reports: A unique feature of this software is that it provides clear and consistent reports making it easy for managers to view the risks in real-time.How to choose effective risk management software
With growing demand of the risk management software, many companies offering this software evolved in the market. Therefore it is important to choose the effective one to reap the maximum benefits. Following are some tips to choose a good one.• Reputed vendor: A well established and experienced vendor definitely offers standard products as he fully understands risk management standards.• Maximum features: Before buying the product, make sure that it has all features to help you in managing the risks properly.• Customer service and tech support: As this product is new for the organization, it is important to choose a company that offers 24/7 tech support and timely customer service. Moreover, as risk environment demands a constant change of compliance, make sure that the vendor is offering regular product updates and maintenance releases.An upgrade in the existing technology never says that the existing product is of no use, instead offers the user with more useful features. Upgrading to latest tools like risk management software enhances the organization’s capabilities in managing risk.