Health Care Reform – Let It Come But Be Ready for Change!

To stir emotions the health care reform debate doesn’t have to peel the onion back very far. There are those who could always afford health insurance and are worried that their costs will significantly rise in the attempt to cover the cost of care for those who have gone without. There are those with numerous and expensive to treat medical problems, who have no health insurance or inadequate health insurance coverage and they need relief, now! And there are those who are healthy, have chosen not to have health insurance, and resent a mandate requiring them to “buy-in” or face monetary penalties.The Health Care Affordability Act of 2010 is wide in its scope and goals. First, it moves us to a place where most Americans will be covered by health insurance. This will remove “the” key impediment to “routine” health care services for millions of Americans. Subsidies will insure health care insurance regardless of an ability to pay and just because you have pre-existing medical conditions you will still be eligible for “reasonably priced” coverage. Stated another way, insurers will not be able to reject you or drastically increase your premiums if you suffer from chronic illnesses that generate a high level of claims, nor will they be allowed to set dollar limits on health insurance coverage.To fund these objectives the Health Care Affordability Act requires all Americans to purchase health insurance. There will be subsidies if you are in a low income category and if you have no ability to pay anything you will be eligible for Medicaid as these state level programs will be more accommodating and act as the ultimate safety net. Through its mandates, the law requires millions of healthy individuals to pay into the system. The idea here is that those of us who are not in need of health care will fund those who draw from it. Since any of us can succumb to a health emergency at any time and thus become in need of potentially costly health care interventions those who support the mandate feel that this is fair – we are simply looking out for each other. Next, there are numerous plans in testing phases that are designed to make the delivery of health care more efficient and more cost effective. These pilot programs are being managed by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and include the cooperation of health systems throughout the country. These are complex to say the least and in early development stages and until proven, which is years from now, it is not known what their effect will be.I support the attempt by the Obama administration and others to get something done on this pressing national issue. But there is a lack of candor about the cost, where the funds will come from, what treatments and medical technologies will be restricted due to very high costs and how the demand of millions of newly insured patients will be managed in terms of timely access to care and treatments. I have spent forty-one years of my life in a medical technology career that focused on global health economics and reimbursement issues and believe me, something will have to give. In every country outside of America, health care budgets are limited and capped. Fees to hospitals and physicians are set, annually reviewed and kept in check and new medical technology prices and access to them are restricted in subtle and not so subtle ways. And if you think that these policies won’t happen in America – think again, as spending limits are being set and will be set and we will have to live within them!Having said that, let’s continue on with the reforms, some government mandated, some driven by the market place as conservative health policies propose. Just know that we will be dealing with health care reform for a very long time and there are going to be a lot of disillusioned folks along the way, newly enfranchised and otherwise. The emerging health care system will be “more just” but it will require real and noticeable sacrifice from the majority of Americans who heretofore never much worried about the fairness of it all.

Online Auto Loans – Easy Car Financing With Just One Click

Cars are the epitome of success. It is often said that buying an automobile symbolizes a financially strong individual. But, cars have become so much expensive that auto loans have become the order of the day.Most car buyers get overwhelmed by the very sound of “auto financing”. This is because getting approved for a car loan is often a lengthy process. Plus, several other factors are at play. You have to manage your budget, get the car information, provide the lender with satisfactory replies and then endlessly wait for approval. PHEW! Too much work isn’t it? Well, you can slash down your work by going online.Online is the Way for every AmericanWhen you opt for online auto financing in America, you have the benefit of completing the process in an instant.1. As the entire process is online, you can get quick approval.2. Just one simple application form to get auto loans.3. 100% safe process.4. Less paperwork.5. No never-ending lines to the lender’s office.How to Search for Online Auto Loans?It is simple to search for an auto loan when you know the kind of loan you are looking for. For getting an online auto financing program, you must use this simple plan.Prepare a BudgetIt is essential that you calculate your income and expenses. It will help you to understand your affordability. Also, the budget will ensure that you do not overspend your limit.Check your ScoreYou must know your credit ratings before applying for loans. Once you know what kind of credit score you have, you can opt for anything – bad credit auto loans, zero credit car financing or the usual pre-approved automobile loans.General Idea of the CarAre you going to buy a car from your colleague or from a dealership? It will help you in clicking the exact option in the “Type of loan”. If you opt to buy from a private seller, you have to choose, “The Private Party Auto Financing Option”.Opting for a dealership loan means you will have to choose the “New-Used Car Loan Option”.Down Payment and Co-SignerInstant approval on online auto loans is possible with a down payment amount. 10%-20% of the car loan amount can actually turn the tides.Get a co-signer so that you can increase your chances of getting approval. Anyone of your parents or your friend can become your co-signer. Just make sure that the person has a good credit score as well as a stable debt-to-income ratio.Avail Online Auto LoansYou have to just type the required details in your computer. It is essential that you type the kind of loan you want – private party auto loan, new car loan, bad credit car loans, etc. Also, mention your geographical area to ensure that you get the best options.Here are few examples of searching the web for online auto loans:-a. If you have bad credit and live in Colorado Springs, CO 80917, you must type all this information in the search bar, “Bad credit car loans, Colorado Springs, CO 80917”.b. If you live in Prospect, OH 43342 and want a private party car loan, search “Private party auto loans 43342”.c. You can just type for “San Antonio auto loan” if you are looking for a car financing program in San Antonio.d. If you are looking for online students car loans in Vashon, Google “Student auto loans in Vashon, WA 98070”.Once you get across several auto financing companies through the internet, check their reliability. Apply with only those companies that are trustworthy and can offer the online auto loans of your choice.Apply with safe and secure websites and get ready for approval. Online auto financing is as simple as that.So, next time you are in the car financing market; don’t forget to go the online route. It will save loads of time and money too.Best of luck!

Making 2009 Your Year – How to Become THAT Successful Real Estate Investor in Seven Steps

Successful real estate investors take action immediately. Consider incorporating the following seven action steps into your investment strategy for maximum success.Action Step #1: Make More Offers. Probably the greatest of all action steps. The one comment I hear the most from new investors is, I am not getting or finding any deals. I usually respond with, How many offers are you making? Oftentimes the answer is in the single or low double digits.Increase the number of offers you are making. Is the real estate agent(s) on your team forwarding you MLS listings based on profiles you have established? Are you checking the newspaper or internet for FSBOs? Are you driving through neighborhoods looking for potential properties? These actions should be done daily with offers following. You never profit from offers you do not make. Shoot for a goal or 20-30 offers a week. Make them and make them regularly. If your agent is unwilling to submit that number of offers, find another agent.Action Step #2: Hone Your Craft. Every day you should be taking time out to hone your craft. In other words, learn more about what you are doing in the real estate investment world. There is always someone out there doing it differently, more efficiently and/or more effectively. For whatever investment area you are choosing to pursue (e.g. wholesaling, foreclosure consulting, or rehab), take the time to learn more and more about what you are doing, how to do it, and the different ways to do it.One of the areas that I am looking at on a very regular business as it relates to my areas of real estate investing is how I can best use technology in order to hone my craft: How can I get my offers out faster using technology? How can I keep in contact with more people with technology? How can I reach more people using technology? How can I better plan my projects using technology? You do not want your business systems to become stale or antiquated. Instead, become the subject matter expert in your investment arena. The best investors always continue their education. Continual education is paramount to continual success.Action Step #3: Maintain A Balance. This applies to us workaholics, be we novice or veteran investors. It is very easy to begin to focus all of your efforts on building your business. Your mission becomes working on your business, building it up, chasing leads, marketing, etc; much to the detriment of your home life; or even to the detriment of your work life (if you’re still employed full time).I strongly believe that you have to maintain a balance if you are going to remain successful for the long term. A balance must be struck between your work life, home life, investment life, family life, spiritual life and your own personal life (i.e. you need time for you and your individual needs: exercise, proper nutrition, etc.). There is no sense in making a whole lot of money in real estate if you are not going to be around long enough to enjoy it. Plan your days and weeks keeping balance in mind.Eliminate time wasting activities from your life and utilize that time to meet your key objectives. For example, I can attribute my current level of business success to my decision to severely limit the amount of time I spent in front of the television. Balance is extremely important. If you really would like to know how well you are doing at maintaining balance, ask your spouse, family and children. LISTEN and make the necessary adjustments. Real estate success reached to the detriment of your family is no success at all.Action Step #4: Join Your Local Real Estate Investment Club or Association. You want to surround yourself with like-minded people. Trying to do this business in a vacuum is going to almost be fruitless. You will end up working harder, having more hurdles to overcome, and attempting to become a jack-of-all-trades and master of none. Surround yourself with other investors; in particular those with more experience and knowledge then yourself. They have the skill sets, contacts and networks for which you want to be a part. Assembling a team is one of the fastest ways to grow and move very quickly in this business. Most of your team will come from your local real estate investment associations (REIAs).If you are not familiar with REIAs or know where one is located, I recommend that you go to and look for REIAs in your state. Hopefully there is one close to you. If not, resolve to set aside time to travel to the nearest one (mileage is a tax write-off) or explore starting your own. It is an effort well worth it.Action Step #5: Stay in Your Lane. This is definitely a big issue with new investors. There are over 10 ways to invest in real estate (e.g. wholesaling, rehabbing, foreclosure consulting, etc.). Oftentimes as new investors, we will jump out and try whatever happened to be discussed at the local REIA meeting that particular month. If the topic this month is wholesaling, we want to be wholesalers. Next month we want to be rehabbers. What I would recommend is that you find a lane that works best for you. Get some general information on various investment areas, make a decision and stick with it. Better yet, first find out what investment techniques may NOT be working well in your location (some techniques work better in certain economic environments than others) and avoid those for now. This is the kind of information you can get from knowledgeable people at your local REIA.Action Step #6: Establish a Website and a Business Email Address. If you are going to get into the real estate investment world, treat it like a business. One thing that personally makes me question the seriousness of an investor is when he or she gives me a business card with an email address that ends in,, or other common addresses of that ilk. There is a place and purpose for the aforementioned type of addresses, but not for the purpose of representing your business. If I were to receive a business card from two investors at my local REIA and both provided the same service; one said [email protected] and the other said [email protected], I am going to lean initially toward dealing with Jane because her email address is a reflection of her taking her business seriously.I understand that many investors use addresses because they do not have the knowledge or skill-set to establish a website, but these days there are very many tools available for investors who possess absolutely no website or HTML knowledge (myself being counted in that number) to establish a web presence. However, in the span of a weekend (with no TV), I was able to create the first few pages of my website. To start creating your own website, go to your favorite search engine do a search on “website design” and “domain name registration” (to register your domain name).Action Step #7: Increase Your Marketing. Marketing is the life blood of any real estate investor. I constantly tell my investor colleagues that if you want to separate yourself from the rest of the pack, you have to market yourself and your business. You want to establish a marketing presence. Begin marketing with your local REIA. Start with a good solid business card. Wear a name tag. Network–let people see and know what you do. Consider creating a logo for your business.If you really were to look at the marketing models of most investors in your local REIA, few have anything beyond their business card and perhaps a magnetic car sign. You want to get your name out. Start a newsletter or an email special report campaign. There are very many inexpensive ways to get your marketing campaign functional. Explore technology as an avenue for more efficient marketing. Establish a presence. It is what makes people pick up the phone and call you instead of someone else. It is what causes an investor to consult with you versus someone else.Always, always, always market. Carry flyers in your car and briefcase. Your business card should always be available. You never want to miss the opportunity to put up a flyer at the grocery store or laundry; put a business card on someone’s window or drop off a flyer at a local FSBO home you pass on the way to work in the morning. Every step you take in marketing is going to create ripples across fields of opportunity.Incorporate the following seven real estate action steps into your investment strategy to ensure maximum success:
Make More Offers
Hone Your Craft
Maintain a Balance
Establish a Website and Business Email Address
Stay in Your Lane
Increase Your Marketing
Here’s to your real estate investing success!